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In absteigender Reihenfolge

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Motorcycle boots

So many riders, so many feet, so many motorcycle boots! Riding boots come in various shapes and sizes, designed for specific riding conditions and seasons. One thing is for sure; a good pair of motorcycle boots protectors your feet and lower legs from nasty injuries should you end up crashing your two-wheeled pride and joy!

Why wear motorcycle boots?

With all the gear riders wear on their motorcycle, the boots are often being neglected. We often see motorcycle riders wearing their casual shoes while riding and this isn’t the smartest thing to do. Why? We all know how heavy our motorcycles are and the last thing you want in case of sliding across the tarmac is that iron beast laying on top of your ankles. Second, in case of a crash we want our feet to remain exactly where they were before we hopped on our motorcycle. 

So they protect your feet and ankles during moments we are in need of protection. The protection in the boots are located on the critical parts of this area of the body. So hard plastics are being used around the toes, ankle and heel. Also hard materials are used to prevent the area on top of your left foot getting sore while shifting and 9 out of 10 boots have anti slip soles, so you won’t slip at gas stations or when putting your foot down at the slippery tarmac in front of a stoplight.

Choosing the right motorcycle boots

But what do you need to look for when choosing your next pair of motorcycle boots? Motorcycle boots come in a variety of options and your choice depends on your likings and desires. Be picky on what you choose! It’s important to take your time when picking your new motorcycle boots. Is the protection where it should be? Are the boots sitting comfortably around your ankle and feet? Can I use the zipper correctly? We advise you to try different brands and models so you’ll know for sure what type of motorcycle boots suits you best! 

Furthermore it is important to know what you will be going to use them for. Do you wear your motorcycle boots in summer or winter times?  Do you want them to be water resistant or how high do you want your motorcycle boots to be? At ChromeBurner, we have a large selection of boots. We sell motorcycle boots for all types of riders, ranging from adventure to touring and from racing to motocross from major brands like Alpinestars, Dainese, Forma, XPD, REV’IT! and Sidi. Use the filters in the left of your screen to show motorcycle boots that meet your demands!

How to wear motorcycle boots

How you should wear your motorcycle boots depends on what you are going to use them for. If you have a full leather racing suit, racing motorcycle boots are your best option. Leather suits generally have slightly shoter legs so the boots will protect the parts of your legs that the suit doesn’t cover. If the legs of the leather pants are longer you can choose a lower motorcycle boot. Adventure and touring riders often want the legs of their pants to go over their boots. So the height of adventure motorcycle boots doesn’t matter that much. In contrast to motocross riders who want their pants to be in their boots. So what is your style?

Ordering motorcycle boots at ChromeBurner

With a large selection of brands, types and a huge stock of motorcycle boots, it’s hard not to find something of your liking. Just make sure you carefully check the sizing chart, as getting the right size motorcycle boot can be fickle. Especially with most Sidi boots, you might want to go up one size from your normal shoe size! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at +31 073 200 80 20 or send us an email at [email protected].