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Bering was created back in 1951. The company that was to give birth to Bering was called Plastex, which core business lies with designing clothes for blue water sailors. The Bering name was later taken to underline the purpose of the company’s products. The Bering Strait is the point where Alaska and Siberia come together, located under the 60° parallel. The Bering Strait is icebound many months every year. Swept by violent winds and marked by an extremely harsh climate, this inhospitable environment is therefore very hard to overcome. Bering made it their mission to design protection systems suited to resist these climate conditions. With the experience in providing safe and functional clothing, Bering made the jump to producing motorcycle clothing. Bering always grants particular attention to the design of its products, thus offering its customers perfectly reliable products and at the same time meeting the expectations of a clientele in search of creativity and the latest trends.