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The Story of European Pride

When it comes to product quality, nothing can beat the European class and perfectionism. Manufacturing helmets since 1947, AGV is a brand that explicitly explains why these European-made lids are chosen by numerous riders from around the world. The origin of this brand is quite obvious from its unique logo. With its fully operational high-tech facility in Valenza, Italy, AGV remains one of the few European brands that haven’t shifted their production to more economical locations in Asia. This is one of the reasons you can still expect the quality and class that the company introduced with its very first hand-made leather lid, created from a wooden mold. Requiring immense amount of hard work and precision, only five articles were produced per week. The quality and comfort offered by AGV soon turned it into one of the most popular brands, and the production went from seven per week to several hundred in just a year. The company shifted to fiberglass helmets during the 1950s. That is when AGV became a popular name on the racetracks, and AGV became the first company to advertise its brand during a motorcycle race.