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Motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets come in all shapes and sizes. What kind jacket you should get is depends on your needs. Do you want leather of textile, do you want it to be water resistant or breathable? Do you want to look cool or do you want to look cool? Wait... You definitely want to look cool! But you also want to be protected.

What to look for when you want to buy a motorcycle jacket

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a motorcycle jacket. Of course, the first thing is the kind of motorcycle you have. When you’re shredding corners on a supersport you want to have a short-length jacket that gives you more freedom to move and is more aerodynamic or choose a one or two piece leather suit. On your adventure bike you want a jacket that’s water resistant and protects you from branches where you’re flying past. The motorcycle you have, the way you ride and how you want to look are the most important aspects to choose a motorcycle jacket.

What kind of motorcycle jackets are there?

So there are many options to choose from when buying a motorcycle jacket. We’ll give you a brief explanation of the options available:

Sporty motorcycle jackets: Sportive motorcycle jackets come in two materials, namely leather and textile. A leather motorcycle jacket will at first not be as comfortable as you would like, but don’t worry! As time passes, leather will form like a second skin around your upper body as it follows the curves of your body. That why it is recommended not to wear anything other than a t-shirt or base layer underneath a leather motorcycle jacket. Leather is one of the strongest materials a motorcycle jacket can be made of. It’s the best material to protect you in case you fall of your bike and start to slide on the tarmac. The friction between the tarmac and you can easily burn your skin and tissue away but leather handles this friction like it’s nothing. Although sliding across the tarmac doesn’t sound like it’s a good thing, it’s always better than rolling. To prevent you from rolling, you often find hard plastic pieces on the outer side of the jacket. It’s the material and features like these that often make leather jackets a bit more expensive than textile jackets. Complete your look with a full face race helmet or zip a pair of leather pants to your jacket. Or maybe a full racing suit is something you’re interested in. Textile jackets can be the more budget friendly option. It gives good protection and it will last longer.

Touring motorcycle jackets: Touring motorcycle jackets are made for those of you that don’t get scared of rain, mud, deserts or snowy mountaintops. With this kind of jackets you can do anything! Most touring motorcycle jackets are so versatile that you can use them all year long. They often are equipped with several layers that are removable, so take out the thermal lining in the summer and put back the windbreaker and water resistant layer when you ride in the winter. Touring jackets can be adjusted to your body with several adjusting bands on the waist and wrists. The length of jacket is mostly longer than average because they need to be suitable for an upright position for the rider. Finish your touring look with an adventure or touring helmet!

Textile motorcycle jackets: Most motorcycle riders tend to buy a textile jacket and why shouldn’t you? Textile jackets offer a lot of bang for your bucks! Within this category there are several other types of textile jackets. If your next jacket will be a textile one, keep in mind that some will suit your driving style better or other will enhance your needs. If you ride every day all year long, it’s financially attractive to choose an all-season jacket with multiple removable layers. Or check out GORE-TEX laminated jackets as the top of the line when it comes to textile jackets. GORE-TEX is a breathable fabric that lets out sweat but doesn't let in water. Also a lot of winter motorcycle gloves are equipped with this material. When you ride during summer most of the time, you should check out our softshell jackets or hoodies. Those are well ventilated and prevent sweat dripping into your underwear. We know this product segment has a lot of options that may overwhelm you. Especially for those who just started riding a motorcycle. Do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email! We are here to help you out!

Waterproof jackets: If you’re a real badass and nothing can stop you from riding, you definitely want a water resistant jacket. These jackets come in a variety of models. Some with 3 or more layers, others with just 2. It all depends on your budget and needs. But they all are water resistant. The multiple layer jackets have an outer layer to provide protection. The second layer is the one that keeps the cold wind away and doesn’t let the water in. The third layer is often the thermal layer that keeps you warm during your ride. The 2-layer models don’t have this thermal layer which can be quite handy if you like to wear your normal clothes underneath your gear. When you are riding your motorcycle in the winter it’s recommended to get a pair matching pants. If you have the jacket and the pants of the same brand you can zip them together to create a seal where your body temperature will remain in the ‘suit’. If you already own one piece of the suit you often can purchase the other part of the same brand and zip them together without any problems, even if they are not from the same series. When you’re planning on riding in winter, take a look at gloves specifically made for winter, including heated gloves!

Why ChromeBurner?

For us at ChromeBurner, riding a motorcycle is more than just a way of transportation and safety doesn’t have to be boring! We want you to look awesome and above all we want you to feel safe in your outfit. We strive to send your order within 24 hours so you can enjoy your purchase as soon as possible! If you have questions about anything, our team is here to answer them! You can contact us on +31 73 200 80 20 or send an email to [email protected]