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comfort and safety

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Putting on a pair of these walkers will make you look like a pro. The sleek, minimalistic design in combination with a few carbon accents and exotic metals like magnesium, these boot will take your riding experience to new level.


Dainese Axial Pro In

Dainese's Axial Pro In shows Dainese dedication to innovation, creativity and blend of experience with technology. This boot has the best of the best when it comes to comfort, safety, and functionality. It’s as if Dainese took absolutely everything they have learned since their formation and put it in one design of riding boots. For many other manufacturers of riding boots the need for safety takes precedence over the need for comfort. With Dainese you never sacrifice comfort for safety nor do you sacrifice safety for comfort. The Dainese Axial Pro IN is the epitome of this philosophy as it is amazingly comfortable yet meets the company’s mission in respect to safety.


Dainese takes protection in riding boots to a whole other level with its Axial Pro In boots. These boots were named after an invention out of Dainese's own R&D lab that was integrated into the Axial Pro In: "the carbon an DuPont fiber D-Axial sytem". This system reduces the risk is twisting your ankle in an accident. But that is not all. Replaceable stainless steel sliders and nylon toe inserts protect your feet when riding low to the ground in curves. Metal inserts on the heel and protective inserts on the tibia area complete the array of protection these boots offer. These combined forces make that these boots are homologated to the European EN 13634 Standard. Wearing comfort is further enhanced padded inserts for shifter guard. A velcro adjustment system and Dainese's own speed lacing system ensure a perfect fit for everyone, while these boots can be fastened to your Dainese riding suit with the integrated suit-boot fastening system.

Special Features

  • Material: Lorica D-Stone fabric with crust leather on the outside
  • Protection: D-Axial system on the inside made from Carbon and DuPont Levlar fiber. This system reduces the riders’ risk of a twisted ankle and at the same time increases the ankle and foot protection in case of an accident.
  • Additional Protection: The heels of the Dainese Axial Pro IN contain both shock absorbers and steel inserts.
  • Safety: Additional safety components include stainless steel sliders and nylon outsoles and toes. The inside strap for tightening the boot is designed to avoid fracture in an accident and the boot sliding off for any reason.
  • Multi-functional: Allows for attaching the boot to the inside of the pants even if you are wearing jeans.
  • Comfort: Specifically for the comfort of the rider the Dainese Axial Pro IN features inserts made of split leather in the inside, elasticated bellows, back side closing zipper, and the double jersey air gap liner. All of these features have been perfected in other Dainese products and are brought together here. This boot also includes padded inserts on the guard for the gear shifter; the classic Dainese non-slip differentiated designs on the sole and includes the setscrew wrench.


The Dainese Axial Pro IN is amongst the best products Dainese has to offer and that quality is reflected in the price at $500 a pair. Riders who have made the purchase agree that these riding boots are more than worth the price. . It may take some time to get used to wearing them, but once you have done so, you will never want to experience the bulkiness and inflexibility of other riding boots anymore.

Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

Marke Dainese
Belüftung Keine Belüftung
Material Mikrofaser, Polyester, Rindsleder
Wasserfeste Membran None
Schutz Knöchel, Schienbein
Hauptfarbe Schwarz
Unterfarben Blau, Fluor Gelb, Rot
Riding Style Race/Sport
Stiefeltyp Racing
Geschlecht Unisex


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Foot length (mm) 240 245 250 255 265 270 275 280 285 290 300 305 310 315 320